Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Elephant Brothers Playing Dead-Dead.

We are touring Southern Africa for some time now and we felt we should let our friends and family know what we are up to, what we experience and what we saw and photographed on our trips.  We would like to share at least one video and some pictures each week.

Apart from such an undertaking forcing me to keep my eyes peeled for beautiful scenes and happenings to share, it will also help to keep our experiences structured and I hope, entertaining as well.

So, to kick off, I am going to include here a video I have taken while in the Berg-en-Dal restcamp in the Kruger National Park.  We saw three elephants pass our camping site next to the fence.  We saw it was the mother and her two sons following her.  As everything was green and lush, the elephants were done feeding for the day and they had time for some social interaction with each other.  The two sons fell behind the mother and then the older brother obviously got it into his head to tease his smaller brother a bit by playing sick, later dead and then allowed the youngster to bring him back to life again.

This is but one of the wonderful episodes we experience in the Kruger Park, where this kind of occurrence is quite often experienced.

Of course, I had to quickly get my camera ready, so it is only the last part of the game that is shown.  Hope you enjoy it.