Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bushman camp near Kgalagadi and dune teachings.

While at Molopo Lodge, a few Bushmen visited us to sell some of their handicrafts.  One of them was a "real" Bushman but the others were half or less Bushman due to a process of mixing with the other races in Africa.They obtained a sizable piece of the Kalahari  from a land claim and they are trying to make a living on this land by cattle farming and a little bit of tourist-related activities.  They lost most of their Bushman culture and currently have a serious problem with alcoholism.One of them is trying to establish a camping site not far from the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.  His friend, the "real" Bushman. knows all the veld habits and knowledge of the Bushman and takes people onto the dunes to teach them of tracks and tracking.  He also share a lot of veld knowledge with people visiting and using the camp sites.

Below is a number of pictures showing some of the characters and also photos of Am-Am the "real Bushman" showing the way bushmen hunted in the Kalahari.

Am-Am demonstrating the hunt.

Am-Am, Rotha and his wife Betty

Am-Am, Rotha and his wife Betty

Am-Am taking us to the dunes.

Am-Am showing us something on the dune.

Am-Am teaching us something about tracks and tracking.

The Bushdrifters bush camping on one of the camping spots.

Kalahari Dunes

Scorpion Hole