Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Klaserie Caravan Park to Punda Maria in the Kruger National Park

In spite of the great camp we had, we decided to go back to the Kruger Park and see what happens at Punda Maria, one of the camps we love most.  After an overnight at Tzendze, we moved up to Punda and found ourselves very lucky to find a campsite next to the fence with a wonderful view over the waterhole area.

The main waterhole at Punda Maria

Scenes like the above became daily fare for us.

We knew that we were very, very lucky to be able to experience the scenes that unfolded before our eyes every day.  Even at night the feast went on.

With scenes like the above happening constantly, we almost never felt to go on a game drive, but one day we decided to take a drive around the camp on the S99. We were again very lucky to be able to see the following.

We found these lions near the carcass of a buffalo while a few of them were still busy feasting.  One actually was eating deep inside the buffalo carcass, but they eventually finished and went to drink water and sleep.  After drinking water, they got up and left, with a horde of vultures taking possession of the carcass.

On the right of the picture, one can see a Tawny eagle taking flight with a piece of meat that the vultures overlooked in their mad haste to get food.

It was not only animals that kept us entertained at Punda, but also the birds contributed to the wildlife feast.

I recommend Punda Maria as a fabulous camp for short and longer stays.  The best is to camp next to the fence to both sides of the hide so that you can watch the animals coming and going.  It will definitely also help if you go in the dry season when the animals are drawn to the waterhole in their numbers.