Thursday, 2 July 2015

From the Bushmen and their campsite to Riva Lodge outside Upington.

After getting to know Rotha, Am Am and Betty somewhat better, we learnt a very good lesson and that is to keep alcohol away from these people.  When they drink, they pick fights with each other and it is not a good sight.  This experience just serve to show that people who lived with nature for thousands of years and who developed a culture that kept them in balance with nature, can be dislodged by the influence of "civilization".  Tools that make their lives easier are basic things like matches, shoes, t-shirts, pots and pans and these things left them with extra time to kill and then boredom sets in and the booze is easy and ready in a bottle to drink.

We, however, are solidly dependent on our technology and both the Hilux and the Cruiser needed repairs and new tyres, so we trekked to Upington, a rather large town and found ourselves a new place to stay.  We found Riva Lodge a little distance out of town and after looking at the facilities and meeting the friendly people, decided to make that our base.  We believe in one of our mottos "If we like the people, we like the place." and also the opposite "If we don't like the people, we don't like the place."  Strangely enough, sometimes we like a basic place more than a luxurious one because of that reason. 

We recommend Riva Lodge as a place where one can restock, repair, relax and prepare for the rest of the yourney. 

At the time we were there, the camping sites did not have electricity, but they were planning a solar installation.

The Gariep River that flows through Upington

View from the river and campsites towards the lodge buildings.

While the Cruiser was in for new wheel bearings and tyres, we slept in the Hilux's Pod

An early morning view of our camp.  During December to March the weather is warm and friendly.

Both bakkies are fixed and ready for the trek towards Cape Town where we will meet Cari's sister from California.

Two of the three huts next to the river

The buildings that house the large, open restaurant, the office and conference facilities

A great Kalahari sunset seen from the restaurant area at Riva Lodge.

The neat suites 

The pool at Riva Lodge