Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Our visit to Ithala Nature Reserve in Kwazulu-Natal

We booked a trip on the MSC Opera liner for a trip to Maputu and Portuguese Island and took the opportunity to visit a few places on the way.  The first was Ithala Nature Reserve and the second was the St Lucia Estuary, also in Kwazulu-Natal.At first we actually wanted to do the "Ship Trip" and directly afterwards start working our way back to the dry north, but we were so impressed with the nature and camping sites that we decided to make a longer trip of it and investigate more places to recommend to our readers.

At Itala, we experienced a relaxed atmosphere, clean modern buildings, a good restaurant, bar and shop.  Above all, the staff were very friendly and we immediately feel welcome and wanted.  A good experience, which we wished we could expand a bit, and will visit again in future for a longer period.

The Main camp in Ithala

Communal building on the tiverbank.

The Communal Kichen

The river next to the campsites

Large animals like Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Buffalo, Leopard and more abound.

Beautiful mountains and valleys.