Saturday, 7 November 2015

Incredible leopard kill at andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve

From Phinda Game Reserve to Klaserie Caravan Park

Leaving Phinda, we first went to Pretoria to buy a second-hand motorhome and then returned to the Kruger Park, but the park was fully booked and we had to find another place.  

We always enjoy staying at Klaserie Caravan Park, thanks to the wonderful nature and atmosphere where we camp next to the dam.Our camp is a proper birder's and fishing enthusiast's dream.  Fish Eagle cries during daytime, their nesting in a nearby tree, while Purple-Crested Touracos, Grey Herons, Paradise Flycatchers, Egyptian Geese, Giant-Malachite- Woodland- and Pied Kingfishers, White-Fronted Bee-Eaters, Burchell's Coucals, Grey Headed Bushshrikes, Maribou Storks, Bennett's Woodpeckers, African Hoopoos, Common Scimitar Bills, Green-Backed Herons, Hadeda Ibis's, Black Collared Barbets, Dark-Capped Bulbuls, Diederik Cuckoos, Purple Herons, Black-Headed Orioles and others are often seen in the trees in the camp.Although I do not possess the required patience to become an angler, I met a good number of them and I saw them catching huge Carp, Bream, Bass and Barbel.  All fishing catch and release.On top of that, we received regular visits from Nyala, Zebra, Waterbuck and Impala coming to drink in the dam.  No wonder we like to go back between tours to enjoy yet another peaceful stay at Klaserie Caravan Park!  On top of all the niceties, they also offer a special price for long-term retired campers.

We can recommend this place since it is near the Kruger Park and one can easily spend a day in the park.

The dam at Klaserie Caravan Park

Anglers' vehicles and caravans next to the dam.

Our Bushdrifter vehicles

Spent a day in the Kruger Park.  The sagging water level a sign of drought

Peaceful Egyptian Geese swimming

A Brown hooded Kingfisher

Thursday, 5 November 2015

From Phinda Forest Lodge to Phinda Rock Lodge

After finishing our breakfast at Forest Lodge we trekked southwards in Phinda to the beautifully situated Rock Lodge, where we were destined to stay one night.  We enjoyed Rock Lodge so much that we eventually decided to stay another night.Our wildlife experience with AndBeyond's game rangers and trackers were extended to those we met at Rock Lodge.  These AndBeyond-trained guides and trackers are just amazing in their friendliness, their knowledge of their areas and the wildlife.  We cannot stress the loving friendliness of AndBeyond's entire staff enough.

Rock Lodge seen from below

Rock Lodge between the trees seen from below.

Our private deck with a splash pool, a table, an umbrella and a double coach where only the birds can see you.

Our suite was a grotto-like tunnel with ultra-luxury fttings and trimmings.  A very romantic place indeed with a huge bath next to a large window overlooking the valley.  A separate shower for that quick cleansing before the next activity

Towards the bathroom.

Towards the bedroom

Professor our Butler, on the veranda

Guest Area

The safari drives we had in the south of Phinda were also of a very high standard.  They showed us Lions, Elephants, a Leopard, Buffaloes and Black Rhinos.  The area is exceptionally rich in the beautiful Nyala which we saw on many occasions.  Below are a few of the photos we took there.

We enjoyed AndBeyond's Phinda Lodges very much.  We recommend Phinda as a wildlife destination with enthusiasm born from the fabulous staff we encountered there, the luxury of the lodge and our suite and also the fabulous surprise they offered all of Rock's guests.

We can now understand why so many overseas people come back year after year to enjoy South Afica's great luxury lodges.